Car Audio and Video Installation

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To get the sound experience you want, it's best to have a professional car audio system installation rather than to try to do it yourself. You might know a thing or two about speakers and the amplifiers and equalizers that boost and balance out their performance, but other things must be taken into consideration if you want the optimal car audio experience. H&H Audio in Olathe knows car stereo installation, and we can help you select the equipment that will sound best in your automobile. Believe it or not, you can have too many subwoofers, especially if you drive a compact. We have a variety of complete systems for sale, or we can custom design your stereo to give you the best sound and performance possible based on the interior layout of your vehicle.

Rear Seat Video Installation

Of course, no car electronics purchase is complete without car video for the kids, and we can help you with that, too. We understand car video from both a professional and personal perspective. Parents become desperate to find ways to entertain their children on a long road trip, and when you buy a video kit from us, we can install it for you right away. We know the laws surrounding visual media inside your vehicle, and we will make certain both your video and audio packages comply with vehicle codes.

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