4 Important Car Alarm Features You Should Be Familiar With

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Purchasing a vehicle represents a significant financial investment, and it's an investment most drivers want to protect against theft. Adding an aftermarket alarm system to your vehicle can protect your car, and its contents, from being stolen. While car alarms serve a valuable purpose, they can be a bit confusing for drivers to understand.
Here are four important features you should be familiar with in order to ensure you are maximizing the protection provided by your car alarm in the future.

1. Automatic Rearm

The automatic rearm feature on your car alarm can add a significant level of protection to your vehicle. Most cars come with a handheld remote that can be used to lock or unlock the vehicle's doors without physically putting a key in the lock.
When your car alarm is equipped with automatic rearm capabilities, the alarm will work in coordination with your keyless remote to ensure maximum safety. If you press the unlock button on your remote but don't actually open your car's doors within a set period of time, the automatic rearm feature will lock the doors again.
The automatic rearm feature protects you from forgetting to lock your car doors and leaving your vehicle susceptible to theft.

2. Grounded Output

A skilled car thief doesn't need access to your keys in order to take your vehicle. A car's ignition switch can be bypassed by using wires to trigger the starter. This process is known as hot-wiring. A quality car alarm system should come equipped with the ability to prevent a thief from hot-wiring your car.
The grounded output feature is designed to eliminate the threat of hot-wiring when your car's alarm is armed. Once the alarm is activated, the wires running to the vehicle's starter become grounded. This grounding process triggers a relay which eliminates power from reaching the electrical circuit to which the starter is connected.
Having a car alarm with a grounded output ensures maximum protection against car theft in the future.

3. Passive Arming

Drivers are often distracted with their phones or other devices after parking a vehicle. If the alarm installed on the driver's vehicle requires active arming, it can be easy to forget to arm the alarm, leaving the vehicle open to theft.
As you shop for alarm systems to protect your vehicle, be sure that the system you invest in comes equipped with passive arming. This feature eliminates the potential for you to forget to activate your vehicle's alarm system by automatically switching the alarm on once your vehicle's doors have been shut.
Passive arming plays a vital role in helping to ensure that your vehicle is protected with an active and armed alarm system at all times.

4. Ignition-controlled Locks

Your car's alarm system should provide added safety not only when you are away from your vehicle but also when you are inside of the car as well. An alarm system that features ignition-controlled locks can prevent an unwanted passenger from accessing your vehicle while you are behind the wheel.
Once the key is turned and your vehicle's ignition switch is activated, an alarm system equipped with ignition-control locks will automatically lock all of the vehicle's doors. The doors will automatically be unlocked once the key is removed from the vehicle's ignition for your convenience.
Ignition-controlled locks help to protect both you and your car from damage or bodily harm in the future.
Protecting your vehicle means having the right alarm system installed. Being familiar with some key features will help you identify an alarm system that is designed to maximize your safety. Let the professionals at H&H Audio help you purchase and install a car alarm system that will meet your security needs.