Enjoy Watching Movies in Your Car With These Improvements

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Since you started a family, you may have switched from a smaller car to one with considerable capacity. This makes it easier to fit all your children inside comfortably and store essentials. You may love going on road trips, camping trips and day trips regularly as a family. But it is possible that your children may get a little bored while you are on the road for hours at a time.
An excellent solution to this problem is to make it possible for your children to watch movies. To provide an ideal setup, you will want to improve your vehicle in several ways.

Lots of Customization

It is important to set yourself up with lots of customization for watching movies. For instance, you can get a head unit that is large enough to watch movies from the front seats. Watching movies is something that you will be able to do when taking a break at a rest stop or while out camping. But the main place that your children can watch movies from is on the back of the headrests.
This location is where you can invest in two headrest monitors to place on each one. Another form of customization that you will want is the ability to adjust where the sound is directed. You can then make changes to send all the sound to the back speakers and little to none up in the front. It is also helpful when you can modify equalizer settings to find the right sound for movies.

New Speakers

Most cars will benefit from replacing speakers with aftermarket models. It will become easier to pick speakers when you know that watching movies is your goal. This means you can put most of the speaker budget toward the back speakers as you will benefit most from this change. You can either make a minor improvement to the front speakers or skip replacing them altogether.

Car Alarm

Another upgrade that you will want to consider for your vehicle is a car alarm system. When you are adding a brand-new head unit, speakers and headrest monitors, you want to feel confident about your car's security. You can have a modern alarm system that connects with your smartphone so that you are notified every time the alarm goes off and as soon as it happens.

Tinted Windows

An excellent way to improve car security and movie watching is by tinting the windows. In the state of Kansas, you can tint your rear window and back side windows so long as they still allow more than 35 percent light in.
Even the front side windows can get tinted down to just over 35 percent visible light transmission. Although you will still be able to see through these windows from the outside, it will be more challenging. The tinting will also make it easier to watch movies as it will minimize or eliminate sun glare.

Maximize Frequency Range

Every speaker has a certain frequency range that it can produce. Most speakers on their own will provide you with an adequate listening experience, but you can do a lot more. It is worth investing in tweeters that specialize in high frequencies to enhance your movie watching. You may also want to consider a subwoofer that you install in the trunk for the low frequencies.
Making it possible to watch movies in your car will enhance trips with your family. Adding monitors is an essential component, but the other additions and enhancements are also beneficial. If you want to learn more about your options, contact our sound and security experts at H&H Audio.