Reasons to Have a Car Alarm

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Car alarms are often stereotyped as that annoying sound that goes off on your neighborhood street occasionally. The fact of the matter is that a good car alarm can help keep your vehicle from being stolen. Here are some important reasons why you should equip your vehicle with a good car alarm:

1. Immobilization

Car alarms can also come with immobilizing features. When a burglar tries to break into your vehicle, he won’t find it so easy to start up. That’s because your alarm, if triggered, can stop the car from being started even if the thief has a key of his own.

2. Lower Insurance Costs

Installing a car alarm can actually lower your insurance costs. If your car comes with a factory-installed alarm, your insurer will consider that when setting your premium rate. If you have an older model with no alarm, it’s a good idea to install one and notify your insurance company.

3. Tracking

Some alarms come with a tracking device, so if your car is stolen, you can trace it. Some alarms even connect to your mobile phone. By using a kill command, you can freeze the vehicle when it comes to a stop.
Getting a car alarm can save you a lot of agony should the unthinkable happen. Contact H&H Audio to purchase a car security system to improve your vehicle’s safety today.