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We Install Car Alarms in Olathe

If you think your vehicle is OK without a car security system, think again. In 2015, over 707,000 vehicles were stolen in the U.S. In addition, $1.26 billion worth of personal items and vehicle accessories were lifted from automobiles. According to the FBI, in 2014, an automobile was broken into every 46 seconds. We here at H&H Audio are as shocked by these statistics as you are, and we believe that no vehicle is safe without a professional car alarm installation, even in our beautiful city of Olathe.
When you purchase a car security system that we have for sale, you tell thieves you will not become one of these statistics. We will install your alarm for you, and you can drive away assured that you have just taken an appropriate step in vehicle theft prevention. Adding aftermarket accessories to your auto doesn’t just include keyless car entry systems or audio and video. It also includes installing protective measures to ensure that your ride stays in your hands.
If this hasn’t convinced you to buy an alarm, consider this. Along with taking your automobile, many criminals break into cars to steal your:
  • Airbags
  • Entertainment system
  • Portable GPS system
  • Unsecured items
This doesn’t take into account those who steal exterior elements such as your rims, tires and even your catalytic converter. It also doesn’t take into account the horrifying experience of being carjacked.
car alarm installation

Our Company Will Improve Your Vehicle’s Security

H&H Audio in Olathe wants to protect you from ever becoming a victim of auto theft. Call us at 913-345-9222 or drop by for a visit. We’ll discuss the best theft deterrent plan for your vehicle make and model and make certain you are safe and secure today.